Friday, July 25, 2008

Days Like Today...

Dear Reader-Mommy,

...and you thought something tragic had happened to me.  No, just life with one husband, two kids, and countless house remodeling projects.  

Here is a question for all you-mommies out there; what do you-mommy do on days like today?What's special about today?  I am so exhaustedly tired that my 5 month old feels like a two ton bag of bricks, everything my toddler says sound like gibberish coming through a scratched CD, I can't stand the thought of doing what I need to do to organize my laundry room and all I want to do is sit and eat oreos because I get the munchies when I am this far passed tired.  I'll tell you-mommy what I do...I eat the oreos! And while I enjoy the calorie cluster of goodness I tell myself that TONIGHT I will get to bed on time so as not be repeat the blundersom day I had today (and, yes, "blundersom" is a word).  What I fail to realize is that I have been telling myself that I would get to bed on time for the last two weeks and three days which is why I am in this state of being in the first place.  So, until sleep, blessed sleep, decides to visit my little house once again, I will be going through oreos by the SLEEVE!

Today I learned that Boudreaux Butt Paste does not come out of whites!

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