Monday, April 7, 2008

Do it all over again...


I am, as I am sure you-mommy are, exhausted!  I feel like I am functioning in a perpetual state of exhaustion.  I wake up sleepy, am sleepy all day and, finally, go to bed sleepy.  The primary problem lies in the fact that I rarely get a normal nights sleep and when I do it is merely a game of catch up as opposed to what sleep should be, getting ahead.  This whole affair would not be so horrible if I had a nice 8 to 5 sort of day.  

A mommies day is more than somewhat demanding.  I never sit, except to fold the laundry. Even that is hit and miss depending on how much of my couch is taken up by the mountains of newly washed clothes.  If I am not changing a diaper, I am trying to get my toddler to the bathroom and all set up in front of the potty before he does his business on the floor.  If I am not putting in the Bee Movie then I am playing tractors.  If I am not feeding one of my two kids than I am cleaning up what they just ate.  On the occasion that they are both napping at the same time, I am trying to clean up what damage has been done to the house since they woke up that morning. Somewhere in there I am suppose to take a shower, do my hair and put on some makeup before my husband comes home in hopes of at least remotely resemble to woman he knew back before we had kids.  As if all that wasn't enough, there are always the little extras like calling friends or family back since their phone messages expressed concerns as to whether or not you were still living in the country!  

The true beauty of all this is that I finally get to bed and try to get some sleep so that I can get up the next morning and do it all over again...

Today I learned that only certain poopies float in the tub! 

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