Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Friday...


Hooray for the weekend!  Weekends mean something different to everyone.  They can mean catching up on homework, yard work, sleeping, relaxing with friends or family, cleaning, doing fix-it projects, and on and on.  For mommies, the weekend means the same thing the rest of the week meant...diapers, picking up, diapers, feeding, diapers, cooking, diapers, finding where that horrible smell is coming from, diapers, cleaning up that horrible smell (which, of course means cleaning out your entire fridge because the smell was coming from that tiny container of left-overs way in the back), changing more diapers, giving the kids a tubby, and, finally, the last change of diapers before putting them to bed.  But thank goodness for the weekend!  At least someone somewhere gets a few days off. 

For me, the weekend started with my going on a date.  A date! My husband and I could not remember the last time we had been out, just the two of us.  I think we came up with something like 8 months since such an event had taken place.  We didn't do anything fancy or elaborate, just dinner at Chick-fil-a and a movie (by the way, I would highly recommend Leatherheads if you are in the mood for a light-hearted comedy).  Like I said, nothing elaborate, but it was so nice to have something to get dressed up for (meaning put on a bra and wear something other than my comfies and house slipper).  For four hours it was just my husband and me, no kids. We had just started remembering what that was like.  Then the movie ended, the credits began to roll and as soon as I thought about the kids, my milk let down.  Back to reality...

Today I learned that the idea of "potty training in a day" is a myth created to give moms like me a complex! 

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