Monday, May 12, 2008

Nailed It...


Who would have thought that taking time for yourself makes you BETTER at taking care of others.  As mommies, we are constantly caring for, cleaning up after, looking out for, and thinking about our kids.  From the time we get up in the morning (usually prompted by someone banging on your door or hollering for you-mommy to come get them out of their crib) to the time you-mommy go to bed at night (usually 2.5 hours later than you-mommy had hoped because of some unforeseen crisis that ensued as soon as bedtime was announced) you-mommy constantly have someone else on the forefront of your mind.  I am here to give you-mommy permission to take some time just for you-mommy every day!  The better you-mommy feel about yourself the better mommy you-mommy will be for your kids.  Of the typical things that most mothers struggle with, low self-esteem is one of the bigger issues.  So, let's do a few little thing to make ourselves feel a little sexier, a little, prettier, a little bit more like a lady and a little less like a dirty dish towel.  

To start, pick something, it doesn't have to be anything big or expensive, that you-mommy can do a couple times a week that remind you-mommy that you-mommy are a woman.  It can't be something like working out or taking a shower.  Those are the things you should do because you are a human being.  I am talking about something that is completely unnecessary and extremely impractical like a home facial or going tanning. Something very girly! For me, it is doing my nails.  I don't go to a salon because, quite frankly, I can't afford a $30 manicure every two days, but I do buy O.P.I polishes and other high quality nail care tools that will ensure a nice looking home mani.  I take about 20 minutes every three days to work on my nails.  Do I have something else I could be doing...YES! Is it practical...NO! Do they stay done very long...NO! But they are constantly out in front of me and every time I see them I feel just a little bit more feminine. Albeit when I see them, they are wiping a poopy butt, washing dishes, or folding another load of laundry, nonetheless, there they are and they look good!

So, reader-mommy, choose something, putting on makeup, wearing a cutie little sun dress or dangly earrings, something that makes you-mommy feel pretty. Then do that a couple times a week just for you!  

Today I learned that two dozen orange roses looks beautiful on my kitchen table.  Thanks, honey!

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