Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scale Bliss...


Well, reader-mommy, Thursday has come once again which means that it is time to hop up on the scale to face the inevitable.  You-mommy can probably already tell how my weigh in went.  Not good!  First of all, I didn't weigh in last week.  A big no-no when you are trying to lose weight.  If you-mommy forget or are unable to weigh in on your set weigh day, be sure you-mommy weigh yourself as soon as possible, but always at the same time of day as you-mommy do on your weigh day.  I say this because each day you-mommy go past your weigh day, you-mommy psych yourself out more and more.  Eventually, you-mommy have rebuilt the fear of the scale that was stopping you-mommy from weighing in for the last however many years.   Ignorance is bliss, so we-mommies are boldly stepping up onto our scales and declaring, "We don't want bliss! We want our bodies back!" 

Yes, I did weigh in today.  It was not a blissful moment.  I did, as I said before, skip a week, so I was scared to death step up there this morning and face the truth.  The truth was that I have GAINED 4 pounds!  This is not how things are suppose to go for no other reason than that is not what I want.  I was suppose to cut back on sugar, but I didn't.  SO, since my little wake up call this morning, I have a whole new motivation to start making some changes to start seeing the results I want.  The changes I want do not include this bigger butt that has been making itself at home on my once sexy hips.  This week, I AM cutting back on sugar and upping my H2O intake (that means drinking more water).  We'll see if that will works.  I know that will work, we'll see if I work...

Today I learned that your laundry more than doubles while you are potty training!

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