Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tipping the Scales...


It has been a month now and still no weight loss results.  By now I should be feeling sexy and looking at least presentable in a swim suit.  Neither seems to be the case.  After weighing in last Thursday (although I didn't post on Weigh Day) and this morning I am rather depressed to say that within those two weeks, I haven't lost anything!  I still weigh 134. It is time for more drastic action.  

Because I am breast feeding I can't modify my diet too much or, as I have experiences all too often, my milk production will suffer and my infant won't get the nutrition she needs.  Why do I feel like a dairy cow?  Since my diet can't be modified much more, I am going to have to break out of a two and a half year rut and start seriously working out again. After my first pregnancy, I was able to lose all 48 baby pound just by cutting back on sugar, drinking a ton of water, and walking a few times a week.  I have tried that this time around with little to no results. My husband recently joined a health club and has been encouraging me to do the same. So, I guess it is time to hit the gym, darn it!

I will continue to keep my sugar intake low and my water intake high.  Now, I'll just be burning more calories.  We'll see if that does the trick...any suggestions from my reader-mommies?

Today I learned that all booboos can be fixed with a kiss.

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