Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday night...


Ever feel like no matter how much you fight the mess you will never win?  There is always one more article of clothing, piece of garbage, scrap of paper, binky, bottle, or toy that remains on the floor.  What's really fun is when someone purchases your child that toy that won't shut up and every time it is bumped it rings out a tune at a volume that would rival an entire matching band in full chorus!  It is never a pleasant song that soothes your otherwise frazzled nerves.  No.  It is one of those song that you heard, no doubt, as a toddler when one of your toys belted out the same tune in your tender little ears forever branding it on your forming memory.  Until you had children of your own, you had forgotten this little melody.  However, now it plays on and on throughout your day.  You could call it the theme of your life.  

I have come to the conclusion that in order to get the upper hand on the various toys that inevitably end up decorating floors of my ENTIRE house, I must capture and cage the things.  This is done in any variety of ways.  They can be placed in a temporary holding pen (otherwise known as a toy basket), they can be put out to pasture (better known as storage bins) until such a time that the current toys are no longer interesting.  If these are not enough for any given toy,  more drastic action can be taken, in which case you slaughter the beast (or snatch it up off the floor, march it out to the garbage can and victoriously toss in the toy).  As you stroll back into the house you hear it helplessly playing that maddening tune one last time.  This is, of course, an extreme action reserved only for special toys, toys that were invented by a non-mommy, purchased by a non-mommy that somehow made it into the home of a MOMMY.

Today I learned that everyone wants to hold the baby until she cries. Then I get her.

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joel said...

Noiseless toys are better for young children. It encourages them to make the appropriate noises themselves!! We mommies are happy to listen to our children's creative noises. It's when they get quite that we get alarmed!! Well written writer mommy.

PS Nanna's will hold the baby even when they cry!!